Polite Expressions Revisited

Euphemisms have become part of our everyday language to talk about things we would rather avoid saying.

(Just a little reminder … euphemisms are polite expressions that are used in place of words and phrases that are considered to be offensive or displeasing.)

Here is a short list of some euphemisms used today. The first word is the euphemism and the word in brackets is the word or phrase some people might try to avoid!

a little thin on top (bald)
bathroom tissue (toilet paper)
running shoes (sneakers)
adult beverages (alcohol)
to be excused (to go to the toilet)
Excuse my French! (used to apologise for swearing)
to fall off the back of a lorry (to acquire illegally)
a happy event (a birth)
in the family way (pregnant)
Montezuma’s revenge (diarrhoea)
to put to sleep (to kill an animal)
private parts (sexual organs)
the smallest room in the house (the toilet)
to pass away (to die)
to kick the bucket (to die)
to meet your maker (to die)
lose your lunch (to vomit)
well fed (obese)
big boned (obese)

Whether you like euphemisms or not, I feel it’s important to know that they exist.



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