Shrinkflation: The Sneaky Price Trick That’s Hitting Our Wallets

Shrinkflation… sounds like a new diet craze, doesn’t it?

I wish it were. But sadly, it has nothing to do with losing weight—at least not around our waistlines.

It’s a phenomenon that affects us all and takes even more money out of our pockets.

Over the years, we’ve seen a rise in costs for many of our favourite products. We accept these price increases because we can see them directly and because inflation is something we understand (More demand than supply = higher prices).

But what about the hidden price increases?

You might have noticed that the package of many products are getting smaller. This is our not-so-friendly pal—shrinkflation. It hides behind ever-shrinking chocolate bars and crisp packages while keeping the price the same.

The sneaky plan behind it is to make us think prices are stable—while in reality, everything is getting more expensive.

Now, if you’re thinking, “Well, having fewer sweets is good for my health,” that’s true in a way. But when we think about it—does this also apply to other daily necessities like laundry detergent, toothpaste or toilet paper?

So how can we fight this sneaky trick?

It starts by becoming aware of the phenomenon of shrinkflation and paying attention. Have the products really become smaller or is that just an illusion?

Even though shrinkflation sounds like a funny word, it’s a serious matter. Because the more we know about these tactics, the better we can respond as consumers.

Which products have you noticed lately where there was a hidden price increase? Let’s uncover the secrets of shrinkflation together!


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