2 More Untranslatable Words

Let’s look at two more words that are a bit tricky to translate.

First up is “crush.”

No, it’s not the sound of a can being crushed. A “crush” is that fluttery feeling for someone special. Those secret tugs at the heart.

Remember your first school crush? Exactly. That’s the kind of “crush” we’re talking about.

The closest German word is “Schwarm”.

Now let’s look at the 🤦‍♀️ emoji, also known as a “facepalm.”

It symbolises the frustration and despair we feel when something absolutely absurd or embarrassing happens. Have you ever felt like giving a facepalm? You’re not alone. 

The closest translation is probably “Frustgeste”.

These untranslatable words sure add some fun and colour to our language, don’t they?

If you’ve got any favourite untranslatable words, feel free to share them with me.


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