Speak Clearly, Not Perfectly: Managing the ‘Th’ Sounds

Don’t worry about not having the perfect accent. What matters most is that others understand what you’re saying.

But English has some sounds that you might find a bit tricky. 

Let’s look at the ‘th sounds today.

There are two kinds.

  1. One is like blowing out a candle. Place the tip of your tongue against your upper front teeth without vibrating your vocal chords. Now say:

    A thousand thin thorns on Thursday…

  2. The other is like whispering with your tongue between your teeth. Place the tip of your tongue against your upper front teeth, but this time, you allow your vocal cords to vibrate. Say:

    This, that and the other.

Notice a difference?

Make it Fun

Record yourself, listen to good speakers, sing English songs, watch movies, and speak English as much as you can.

Remember, everyone learns differently, and it’s okay to make mistakes.

People appreciate you trying. Keep practising, and you’ll improve!

A Personal Story

Good pronunciation in any language can be tricky. When I was learning German, “Schnürsenkel” and “Streichholzschächtelchen” took ages for me to say smoothly. 

But practice helps, and so does the courage to make mistakes. Don’t let that hold you back—speak up with confidence!

Before You Go:

Did you know that the Smiths wear thin clothes throughout the winter months?

[Link to Pronunciation Video]

I hope this helps you feel more confident speaking English! 🌟


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