5 Things English Learners Should Forget and 5 To Remember

Want to feel more confident when speaking English? Here’s what helps (and what doesn’t!):


  • Every tiny grammar rule: Focus on understanding and speaking clearly. Mistakes are learning opportunities!
  • Learning a million words: Choose words you like and use them often. Quality over quantity!
  • Wanting a perfect accent: People appreciate your effort, not perfect pronunciation.
  • Comparing yourself to others: Celebrate your own progress! Learn in your own way.
  • Perfectionism: Mistakes happen! Learn from them and keep getting better.


  • Your passion: Love learning English? Show it! It inspires others.
  • Be patient: Learning takes time. Celebrate small wins along the way!
  • Have fun: Learning English should be enjoyable. Relax, laugh and find a supportive environment.
  • Do what works for you: Every learner is unique. Find ways you learn best.
  • Find your voice: As you learn, enjoy expressing yourself in English. Share your thoughts and ideas, and make your unique voice heard.

By focusing on these things, you’ll make your English learning journey a success!

So what’s your favourite way to practise speaking English?


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