Spenden vs. Spend: Don’t Let These Words Trip You Up!

Imagine you’re at a charity event, feeling generous and ready to SPEND 

Wait. Is that the right word?

Did you accidentally plan a shopping spree instead of helping a good cause?

Don’t worry, this happens to many language learners!

The German word ‘spenden’ means ‘to donate‘, while ‘spend’ in English means ‘to buy things.’

These tricky words can fool even the best learners. 

But no worries, I’m here to help …

Think of it like this:

    • To donate: You’re feeling generous and want to help others. Think charity galas, fundraising bake sales, and supporting things you care about.
    • To spend: You’re treating yourself! Buying a new gadget, hitting the shops, or having a fancy dinner. Opening your purse or wallet, but not for a good cause. 

So next time you see ‘spendenor other tricky words, remember: a little humour and understanding can save you from funny (or embarrassing) mix-ups.

Now go out there, language champions, and donate (or spend, depending on what you want to do) with confidence!


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