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Have you set yourself goals for the upcoming year?

I know it might seem a bit cliché to only set goals because a “new” year is beginning (considering every day is a new day). But I find setting annual goals is actually very helpful. It’s much better than going through the year without any specific goals in mind, don’t you think?

So I’d like to share my personal list with you.

This year, I plan to…

  • make self-care a non-negotiable part of my routine, whether it’s through exercise, mindfulness or relaxation.
  • set boundaries on the time spent on electronic devices to create a healthier balance in my life.
  • spend more time with those who support me already instead of seeking new connections.
  • say yes only to things that genuinely excite me.
  • dedicate time to acquiring a new skill or gaining knowledge in a subject that interests me.
  • finish what I start before taking on new tasks.
  • compare myself to who I was yesterday, not to others.
  • avoid using “should” and make decisions more decisively.
  • embrace fear to challenge myself.
  • simplify things even when I think they’re ready.

And you? What do you plan to do this year?


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