Mastering the Art of Congratulations: Words to Make Others Feel Valued

It’s time to add some new expressions to our repertoire. Raise your virtual champagne glasses and prepare to dive into the world of “More than just Congratulations“.

But why should we be creative when congratulating someone?

People in professional networks often share a lot about themselves. They might announce a job promotion, celebrate a company achievement or offer useful tips from their industry.

When they accomplish something deserving of congratulations, the praise should be as unique and heartfelt as their achievement.

People tend to prefer unique comments over the typical “Congratulations“. They are likely to appreciate and enjoy an original message more.

But how do we add some pizzazz to our congratulations?

Here are three tips:

1️⃣ Use different words. A simple “Bravo, “ “Hooray,” “Kudos” or “Cheers” can sometimes stand out.

2️⃣ Show respect. Consider phrases like “Hats off to you,” “An amazing accomplishment” or “A round of applause“. They clearly show your admiration.

3️⃣ Explicitly praise the achievement. With sentences like “Well done on completing the course,” “Great job on the project” or “You did it. You reached that impossible deadline,” you show that you know exactly what the person has achieved.

Of course, there’s still room for the good old “Congratulations.” But why should we settle for that? How about “Keep up the good work” to acknowledge the current achievement and express the expectation of future successes?

See how we can use these phrases

  • Bravo, Simon! Your hard work and dedication have paid off.”
  • Hooray! You both are unstoppable.”
  • Kudos to you for your quick thinking and problem-solving skills.”
  • Cheers, Susan, for your unwavering support and infectious enthusiasm!”
  • Hats off to you, Michael, for your courage and resilience.”
  • “Winning the national championship is an amazing accomplishment. Well done, Greg!”
  • A round of applause for all the hard-working participants in this course.”
  • Well done, Tom. You completed the marathon in record time.”
  • Great job on your presentation today, Viv. You brought your experiences to life in a humble way.”
  • You did it! You overcame all the obstacles and achieved your goals.”


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