The Evils of Comparisonitis

“Stop looking at what other people are doing and look at what you’re achieving. Stop looking sideways, look at where you’re going.”
Jocelyn Glei, Manage your Day to Day

Reading this quotation reminds me of a word I’ve only heard of recently—comparisonitis.

Do you know the feeling of comparing yourself to others in your business? Feeling that everyone else is doing things better? You read other people’s texts and watch their videos and wonder whether you’ll be able to produce anything similar one day?

Of course, it’s not good. Of course, it’s pointless comparing ourselves to others. Of course, it limits our potential.

Isn’t comparisonitis fear in disguise? Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of rejection?

So what should we be doing instead? Shouldn’t we be focusing more on what we do well, on our own progress, on valuing our successes and on enjoying the journey at the same time?

We are all special, unique and good enough. Perhaps we need to remind ourselves now and again?

Do you ever have moments when you compare yourself to others and are dissatisfied with yourself? How do you manage those feelings?

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