Don’t Panic

In a recent ice-breaker exercise, we spoke about Little Known Facts (also known as LKF—facts that not many people know about us). I told the group that I used to breed hamsters. Mind you, that’s going back a few years!

That led us on to talking about “Hamsterkäufe”.

Last year there was a lot of talk about people stockpiling (which is planned) and panic buying (which is impulsive) in Germany. Toilet paper became one of the most sought-after products—together with disinfectants and soap.

Perhaps panic buying is a normal response in times of uncertainty?

As Steven Taylor says, “If everyone else on the Titanic is running for the lifeboats, you’re going to run too, regardless if the ship’s sinking or not”.

Food for thought?

(The German word “hamstern” can be translated with “to hoard”.)


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