3 Words Germans Think Are English

A few weeks ago we talked about three English words that have made their way into the German language, but take on a completely different meaning.

Let’s look at three more today: handy, smoking and box.

If you tell me about your ‘handy’, I’ll understand you because a lot of Germans use the same word. Other English native speakers will probably be confused, because for them it’s a ‘mobile‘, ‘mobile phone‘ or ‘cell phone‘. 

You might tell me that you or your partner is going to wear a ‘smoking’ to a special event. An English person won’t understand you. The word you need in Britain is a ‘dinner jacket‘ and in America a ‘tuxedo‘. (However, according to Moss Bros., ‘tuxedo’ is becoming more common in Britain now, too.)

You have a stereo system? You might tell me about your ‘boxes’. I’m not sure if a native speaker would understand you. Probably not. You need to talk about the ‘loudspeakers‘. 

Have you heard people using these words incorrectly? You might like to pass this message on to them.



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