What Accent Should You Have?

My dream was to speak German without an accent.

But many years later I realised that this dream wasn’t going to come true. Try as I might!

I’ve now come to realise speaking with an accent doesn’t make us sound unprofessional.

Accents are wonderful. Accents are part of what we are and where we come from. They are a mark of what makes us different.

And just as there’s a difference between fluency and accuracy, there’s a difference between accents and pronunciation.

What is much more important than trying to lose one’s accent is focusing on being able to speak in English clearly. Because poor pronunciation can lead to serious misunderstandings.

So just focus on being understood, pronouncing clearly, speaking at a steady pace—and enjoy your accent.

I’ve learnt to live with my accent. I hope you can, too!



  1. Oh, I love your accent. Please don’t stop that.
    I’ve learnt to live with my accent, too.

    • Oooh, thank you, Sandra. Yes, over the years, I’ve learnt to live with my accent, too!


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