Finding Positive Words

Here’s an online activity I like to do now and again using positive words.

I ask participants to find an adjective that rhymes or starts with the same letter of their first name and that tells us a little about themselves. I might call myself Creative Christine, for example.

If you find it difficult to find positive words, you might like to look at this list of positive words or this list of adjectives in alphabetical order.

Here’s a little fun activity you might like to do with me.

Find positive words for every letter of your name, by entering your first name in the box provided on this page.

This is what came up for me:

Cute, Happy, Relieved, Innovative, Shining, Tranquil, Incredible, Nurtured, Enlivened.

Okay, I think I could find better words myself, but it’s a start!

Would you like to share your name and words/adjectives with me? I’d love to know them. 😊



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