What Type of Questions Can You Ask?

Last week we spoke about asking more open-ended rather than closed-ended questions.

If we want to make the other person feel good and to ensure that our conversations will be more memorable, we might like to make sure that our questions are also pleasure-producing ones.

So let’s look at some examples of open-ended, pleasure-producing questions:

“How did you and your best friend meet?”
“What do you enjoy most about your work?”
“When is your birthday and how would you like to celebrate it?”
“Where did you have the best meal ever?”
“Why did you choose your profession?”

Small talk expert, Debra Fine, has one question that is guaranteed to put your conversation partner in a positive mindest and open doors to their personality:

“What has the highlight of your year been so far?”

Isn’t it great? Give it a try next time you talk to someone—even if it’s only in German!

And don’t forget to tell me if this tip works for you, too.


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