Why I Love “Flabberghasted” 

Because its sound perfectly captures the feeling it describes.

Are you fascinatingly… unbelievably… incredibly… flabberghasted?

This word has a certain magic to it, don’t you think?

An element of surprise, wrapped in wonder, sprinkled with a dash of disbelief.

F – Fantastic
L – Ludicrous
A – Astonishing
B – Breathtaking
B – Bewildering
E – Extraordinary
R – Remarkable
G – Gripping
H – Hypnotic
A – Astounding
S – Surprising
T – Thrilling
E – Electrifying
D – Dazzling

Flabberghasted. A word that embodies the essence of wonder and surprise. A word that paints a vivid picture of astonishment and amazement.

Listen here: Flabberghasted

Isn’t language simply astonishing?


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