You Can’t Do Better

You can’t do better than your best!

This is a sentence I need to tell myself at regular intervals. I thought you might like it, too.

If you’re a perfectionist like I am, you probably know the struggle of trying to make sure you’ve made everything as good as it possibly can be. 

I’ve been working on a platform for a new community I’m building. Lisa Blum, my graphic artist and web designer, has been supporting me. And oh my goodness, it’s been taking me too long to get started.

But now I’m ready to talk about it.

The community is called “Chilipepper Your English” and will be supporting business owners, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs like you on their language learning journey. 

My dream is to build a true community that’s about service, engagement, connection, and results.

Perhaps you’d even like to join us.

That would be amazing! 🤩

We’re still putting the finishing touches to the platform. But don’t worry, you’ll be the first to know when we’re ready to launch.

The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is now! 


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