You Think It’s English?

German speakers often use the words ‘sprayer’ and ‘peeling’ incorrectly in English.

A ‘sprayer’ is a device used to spray liquid, for example on crops growing in the fields.

What you most probably means is a ‘graffiti artist’.

‘Peeling’ is what happens if we’ve been in the sun for too long and have forgotten to use sunscreen.

You probably mean ‘a facial or body scrub’.

Were these terms new to you?


  1. Hi Christine,
    thank you for the info!
    I didn‘t know these terms.
    With greetings from Mallorca🙋🏼‍♀️
    Gabi Koetteritzsch

  2. Hi Gabi
    Good that you learned something new then. Enjoy your holidays—and take care


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