Seth Godin and PowerPoint

I love reading Seth Godin’s newsletter. You don’t know him? He’s an American best-selling author, entrepreneur, marketer and public speaker.

One thing we both hate—boring PowerPoint (or Keynote) presentations! (And I’ve had to sit through enough.)

Of course, PowerPoint is an amazing tool, but only if used correctly.

Why do we give presentations? As Seth says, we want to “make a point, to sell one or more ideas”. And to do so, we need to trigger emotional reactions.

Instead of filling the slides with bullet points, we should show photos that enhance what we are saying, putting what we want to say on cue cards instead of on the slides!  And then, we can hand out a written document (and not print-outs!) at the end of the presentation, with all the details.

Seth’s five rules to create amazing PowerPoint presentations:

1. Add no more than six words to a slide.
2. Don’t use cheesy images.
3. Avoid transitions.
4. Use only a few sounds effects, but never those that are built into the programme.
5. Don’t hand print-outs of your slides (see above!).

You need to present data the exciting way? Take a look at Hans Rosling here for the best stats you’ve ever seen!

Do your slides follow Seth’s five rules? 



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