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1:1 English Training

Looking to boost your confidence and excel in English business conversations within just 10 weeks? Now, you’re on the hunt for the perfect coach.

You’re seeking someone who understands your needs inside out. Someone dedicated to keeping you on track, reaching your goals, and elevating your English skills. Someone you truly connect with.

Am I on the right track?


The training programme

My 10-week 1:1 English training programme might be just what you need.

You’re in control when it comes to what you want to focus on. Whether it’s expanding your vocabulary and mastering grammar, perfecting formal and informal language, or polishing your intonation and pronunciation.

Or perhaps you’re keen to refine your business skills, from writing emails and handling phone calls to negotiating, leading meetings, and delivering presentations.

Whatever you choose, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. We’ll turbocharge your English skills with a mix of creativity, enthusiasm, and a touch of humour.


Ready to take your English to the next level?

Ready to find the right words for any situation, seamlessly switch between German and English, nail grammar and vocabulary, and feel more at ease, confident and fluent in your English conversations?

Then let’s schedule a chat to see if we’re a perfect match.

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