Zoom Shirts: The Fashion Revolution No One Saw Coming

Attention, fashion update: The fashion industry has experienced a revolution. 

Can you believe it? “Zoom shirt” has officially made it into the Macmillan Dictionary. 

We turned our homes into office spaces during the lockdown. Our comfy tracksuit bottoms* became our new 9-to-5 uniform.

But what do we wear on top? Nobody wants to appear in a video meeting with an unironed T-shirt, do they? 

This is where the “Zoom shirt” comes in.

The term refers to the shirt or blouse kept within arm’s reach—perfect for slipping on quickly when it’s time to jump on an impromptu video call or virtual hangout.

The special thing about this piece of clothing? It looks professional on camera, and we can still wear our comfortable tracksuit bottoms on the lower part of our body.

Perhaps you’re thinking: What a crazy world! But hey, who would have thought that we would have to wear masks one day? Or that yeast and toilet paper could once be so coveted? The point is, these times demand adaptability from all of us—even with what we wear.

Whether you are fans of comfortable clothing or rather traditional advocates of suits—there is no denying that the “Zoom shirt” trend says a lot about how our working lives have changed due to the pandemic.

Do I find that good or bad? That’s not the question. It’s just the way it is and we’re making the best of it.

I’d love to know: Do you have a “Zoom shirt” within arm’s reach? 

PS I don’t have a Zoom blouse near my computer, but I do have a basket with different scarves and necklaces to brighten up my appearance when working online.

*sweatpants in American English


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