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RhymeZone is a rhyming dictionary and thesaurus that can help us look for rhymes, synonyms, antonyms and so much more.

Let me start with an example.

I wrote the word “conversation” in the little box provided, clicked on “Find rhymes” and then on the “Search” button—and a long list of rhyming words appeared on my screen.

Words like: nation, station, carnation, creation, frustration, celebration, abbreviation, acclimatisation, antidiscrimination, institutionalisation, philosophy of education, international organisation, original video animation, american medical association, and so on.

I then activated the “Find lyrics and poems” button, and this time a long list of lyrics and poems appeared.

One example I liked was from “Day of the Locusts” by Bob Dylan:

“Oh, the benches were stained with tears and perspiration,
The birdies were flying from tree to tree.
There was little to say, there was no conversation
As I stepped to the stage to pick up my degree.”

I have no idea if this tool can help you in any way. If you write your own poems or lyrics, it might.

But you might just like to add a word yourself and see what you come up with. There’s a lot to explore.

I had a lot of fun. I think you might, too!


  1. Thank you!

    It’s a great tool for writing (and for Wordle!). I will play with this and probably bookmark it.

    • Wonderful if it can help you, Hannah. And thank you for telling me.
      Take care, Christine


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