Mitarbeitervergünstigungen? In English, We Talk About “Employee Benefits” or “Perks”

Pool tables, free snacks and an extra fast WiFi connection in the lounge area!  Are those “employee benefits” even cool anymore?

There once was an era (let’s call it the dark ages) when salary alone was enough to make a job attractive. 

Companies showered us with perks: gym memberships, free food and drinks … all the works!  

The idea behind it? Happy workers are productive workers.

But hey, it’s 2024!  Technology has changed almost every aspect of our lives—especially our work lives. So, are these “old-school” benefits still that useful or have they lost their shine?

What if employees crave something more modern, like flexible working hours, childcare support or training?

The truth is: Employee benefits need to keep up with the times. They need to fit what employees actually want, not some outdated perk package. 

There’s no point in continuing to offer free massages in the office if nobody’s even there anymore!

But, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. ‍What works for one company may not work for another.  That’s why it is important to regularly collect feedback from employees and to constantly evaluate and adapt. 

What do you think of the traditional “employee benefits”? Do they still work for you or would you prefer something more modern? Let’s figure out what the ultimate “perks” of the 21st century truly are!


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