How To Excel in English With Just 5 Verb Tenses

Master these five verb tenses and communicate with confidence:

1. Simple Present

The Simple Present is your go-to tense for stating facts, expressing routines, and sharing general truths.

Example: “I work as an English Conversation Coach.”

2. Present Continuous

The Present Continuous is used for actions that are happening now or at the moment of speaking. It’s also used for actions that are temporary or ongoing.

Example: “I am currently helping clients improve their English fluency.”

3. Simple Past

We use the Simple Past to talk about completed actions and events in the past.

Example: “I started my business 23 years ago.”

4. Present Perfect

The Present Perfect is used for actions that started in the past and continue to the present. It’s also used for actions that have just happened, or for actions that have a recent result. 

Examples: “I’ve been married for many years.”
ve always wanted to learn to dance properly.”
ve had a lot of positive feedback so far.”

And it’s used to talk about life events and experiences that have an impact on the present:

Example: “I have worked as a PA, a translator and a Business English trainer.”

5. Simple Future

We use the Simple Future to talk about a time later than now. It’s commonly used when talking about predictions, spontaneous decisions, promises, offers and requests.

Examples: “I will continue to help clients boost their confidence in English.”
                    “The market
 will shift towards online services.”
                    “Let me help. I’ll carry that bag for you.”

Master these 5 key verb tenses and see how your English soars!

Happy learning! 🌟


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