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– Your Group Training

Colourful Conversations – Your Group Training 

You’re a business professional looking to practise and improve your English regularly? And you like the idea of having stimulating conversations with me as your English coach and a small group of like-minded people?

What does having 60 minutes a month of meaningful, inspiring and enjoyable conversations sound like to you? 

Why is the training called Colourful Conversations? 

Because we talk about all kinds of topics that our big, colourful world has to offer.

Some conversations are light-hearted and informative. Some are open and honest. And others are deep and philosophical.

Your benefits

By talking to me and the others in the group, you’ll

  • get better at speaking and using English to communicate your thoughts and ideas;
  • feel more sure of yourself and more comfortable; and
  • learn new things and have new experiences by listening to other people’s opinions and ideas

Who knows what opportunities this could lead to?

When? Every 3rd Thursday of the month from 6 – 7 pm

Where? Online in my Zoom room (your link will be sent by email)

How much? 40 € (+ 19% VAT) per session

Payment is made monthly via Digistore24. After your registration you will be redirected there and can pay by credit card or Paypal. You will then receive all important details by e-mail.

Payments can be cancelled monthly and continue until you end your subscription.

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