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Quiz No. 3

A London bus

Quiz No. 3

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You’re an expert in your field. But does that show when you speak English?

Do you feel frustrated or even embarrassed because you think people won’t see how intelligent and competent you really are? Are you worried about making mistakes or making a fool of yourself. 

Are you often nervous when speaking and sometimes even lost for words? Are you constantly translating back and forth from English to German and then back to English again?

A lot of experts struggle with the same issues.  You’re not alone and we’re here to help.

Turning Tough Times into Triumph

Do you know the story about the donkey that turned a hopeless situation into a stepping stone to freedom?  No? Then let me share an unforgettable tale of resilience and wit with you .. The Donkey's Fall One day, a poor farmer's donkey accidentally fell into an old,...

Emoji Fun. But What Do They Mean?

Emojis can be tricky, can't they?  → Ever sent an emoji wondering if it could be misinterpreted? → Or found yourself squinting at the screen, trying to figure out what that emoji even means? 😅→ Or spent too long trying to find the perfect emoji to express your...

Liebes Tagebuch 11

OMG, krass! Ich, Greta, BWL-lerin aus Köln, die Englischkönigin von damals (okay, ist 'ne Weile her), traue mich endlich wieder an die Weltsprache.  Business auf Englisch? Mit internationalen Kunden? Hölle, ja! Aber hey, not alone. Mit Christine, der English...

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