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You’re an expert in your field. But does that show when you speak English?

Do you feel frustrated or even embarrassed because you think people won’t see how intelligent and competent you really are? Are you worried about making mistakes or making a fool of yourself. 

Are you often nervous when speaking and sometimes even lost for words? Are you constantly translating back and forth from English to German and then back to English again?

A lot of experts struggle with the same issues.  You’re not alone and we’re here to help.

Toss a Coin

You need to make a decision? You could try tossing a coin! So you have a choice to make. You're torn between two options. You've established all the pros and cons. But you're still not sure which road to take. It's time to get a coin out of your purse—and make one...

Funny Slips of the Tongue

Have you ever mixed up the sounds of letters or syllables from one word to another by accident when speaking? Then you've probably committed a 'spoonerism'! This can happen quite often in everyday speech. Let's look at some examples: Instead of saying 'bad salad', you...

Do You Like Reading Inspirational Quotations

Someone told me the other day that reading inspirational quotations is very much like eating chocolate! It makes us feel good for a short period of time.  So what benefits do they have.  They give us insights into the thoughts and teachings of many wise people. They...

Sparks of English

A daily dose of English—a word, a tip, a link, a question or a quotation—every day from Monday to Friday.

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