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They are not your friends

Watch out for false friends. You think they’re easy to translate, but they’re not.

An example. You can’t use the word “handy” to mean the German word “Handy”. The word to use is “mobile phone” “or “cell phone”.

You’ll find ay long list here.

Let’s improve our productivity

As I wrote last week, we all want to improve our productivity.  But we don’t need things that are too complicated and difficult to implement, do we? In this article entitled “10 one-minute time hacks that will make you more productive“, Chris Bailey recommends 10 time hacks that are fairly easy to manage: Say “no”Continue Reading

Working on your writing skills?

Connect with English speakers via Facebook to practise your writing skills. Use an online style guide if you need some writing tips. And use online tools to help you improve the readability of a text and also your grammar and spelling skills. Try these here: A style guide like The Economist. Skillswise has short videos withContinue Reading

On kindness

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” Dalai Lama

Holiday guides

Before phoning someone in the US, it might be helpful to check whether they should be at work. This holiday guide for this year (and this guide for next year) might be able to help you. You can even change the country if you like.

Young ladies read this …

“An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have. The older she gets, the more interested he is in her.

These tips are really weird …

Worried that you are becoming a bit forgetful? Try these rather weird tips (link to: health cracker.com) and see if they work for you. Learn why climbing a tree, using your fists or looking at a grassy roof might be able to help you remember things better – and “boost your brain power”!

Translating a German menu

Translating the menu for a foreign visitor is always tricky. Have you seen my German-English Food Glossary?

50 ways to take a break

When you’re sitting at your desk and working on a project, it’s not always easy to take a break, is it? I think that one can fully forget the time. So you might like the idea of hanging a poster like this one here (link to fullcupthirstyspirit.com) in front of you to give you someContinue Reading

How to write to an adult female

In the past, we used Miss (+ surname) for an unmarried woman and Mrs (+ surname) for a married woman. But things have changed over the last few years. Today we use Ms (+ surname) – pronounced “Mizz” –  for all women – whatever their marital status. Of course, if you know someone’s marital statusContinue Reading