Do I Have To Speak English Like a Native Speaker? 🤔

Many people ask this question—whether in a professional context or privately.

But is perfect English the ultimate goal?

Think about it: languages are for connecting, sharing ideas—not winning awards for the best accent.  At the end of the day, one thing matters: Do we understand each other?

Sure, there are situations where speaking accent-free English may be advantageous. Perhaps you’re an interpreter at the United Nations or a voice actor for Hollywood blockbusters. But for most of us, getting our message across is more important than perfect pronunciation.

Imagine a brilliant scientist with a revolutionary idea. Her research isn’t less amazing because she presents it with a charming German accent, right? The same goes for business deals. The CEO’s message matters, not how London-y he sounds. It’s all about impact, not a perfect “R”. 

So let’s release the pressure of having to speak like a native speaker. It’s about understanding and being understood. And about feeling comfortable expressing ourselves, fearlessly!

Plus, the world’s full of charming accents! Imagine if everyone sounded the same—how boring would that be? From this perspective, accents are actually something beautiful.

Now, tell me! Is it a top priority for you to speak English like a native speaker, or is the focus more on effective communication? 

I’d love to hear opinions and experiences.

PS My grand plan was to conquer German, accent-free. Well, let’s just say my mission is not quite accomplished! But hey, at least now everyone knows I’m the friendly Brit in town.


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