Do You Understand English?

Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this post, would you?

When we were in Scotland many years ago to pick up our daughter after her semester abroad, she introduced us to a young friend from Glasgow.

That was quite an experience! I think I understood most of what the young guy was saying, but my poor husband was completely lost.

For a little bit of fun, you might like to listen to Alan Brown, the MP for Kilmarnock and Loudon, speaking at the House of Commons.

How much of Alan’s speech did you understand?

Of course, it’s okay not to be able to understand other accents. That’s quite normal. You can only improve your understanding by being exposed to that particular accent over a reasonable period of time. 

Just go over to YouTube and enter “accents” if you’d like to hear a few more.

Are there any specific accents you struggle with? If so, you might like tell me in the box below.



  1. Hi Christine,
    years ago I met a Scottish guy and after he had started to talk, I begged him to speak English because I hadn‘ t understood anything up to that point.
    The same happened, when an Irishman was so kind to tell me the way to Cork. No chance to follow him till his wife came to help. By the way, I have no chance to understand real bavarian accents.
    Stay healthy and take care!

  2. Hi Gabi,
    I know how difficult it is to understand different accents. My husband had the same challenge in Scotland. He called me for help!
    Ah yes. We used to go on holiday to Bavaria, and in the beginning I didn’t understand a thing. However, the more you practise, the better it gets. It’s just training. And that’s how listening to YouTube videos can help us.
    You take care, too.


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