Even Language Can Go Rusty

I spoke to online editor, trade journalist and blogger Nicole Isermann in an Instagram Live a week or so ago.

I knew she was a little nervous and apprehensive. Most of my interview partners are.  It’s quite a challenge to go live, especially when using a language that is not your own.

In one of her latest blog posts, Nicole talks about her experience with me.

You can read that Nicole studied English along with her native German many years ago. So you might be surprised that she admits that she was out of her comfort zone.

But that’s quite ‘normal’.

Any language, even your native language, will deteriorate if you don’t use it.

The good news is that it will come back quickly. In fact, the better you knew the language, the quicker it will come back.

And that’s what you’ll realise if you listen to our conversation. Nicole did a superb job.

Talking about a language going rusty if you don’t use it, that’s why I send out my ‘Sparks of English’ on a regular basis. I want to remind you that you need regular practice if you want to keep or improve your language level.

And you also have two free opportunities a month to speak English with me and others. In our Speed Networking sessions.

But I have another idea!

Would YOU like to go live on Instagram with me on a Wednesday at 11 for about 10 or 15 minutes?  If so, tell me and we’ll organise something. pastedGraphic.png


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