Ever Say “Caretaker” and Get a Blank Stare?

The Americans say ‘janitor’!

This is the fun (and sometimes frustrating) world of language differences.

‘Barrister’? ‘Lawyer’ in the US.’

‘Turf accountant’? ‘Bookmaker’ across the pond.

Even simple terms like ‘lollipop lady’ or ‘lollipop man’ can confuse our American friends. They call them ‘crossing guards.’

These quirks show how language reflects our culture.

But even with different words, we can still connect!

So next time you chat with someone from another country, embrace the differences and enjoy the learning adventure.

After all, language is a beautiful bridge, not a barrier.

PS And next time you talk to an American colleague, keep a ‘translation guide’ handy or my document on British-American differences.


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