How Good Are You Editing Skills?

Did you play “Can you spot the difference?” when you were a child? Remember? You were given two pictures and asked to spot the differences between them.

Look at both photos of me. My daughter-in-law took the snapshop when we were in ‘Planten un Blomen’ in Hamburg last year. I thought it was  shame that you could see the straps of my rucksack—until today!

Look what I found. A wonderful online tool which might become a favourite of yours, too.

Just drag your image in the box on the screen, and brush away any objects, people, texts or defects.

And hey presto! The straps have disappeared.

It was as easy as pie. Or as easy as ABC.

Did you know about this tool or do you use a different one?


  1. That looks gorgeous, thank you! Can I fix it on my phone?
    Lots of greetings 🤔😉 Gabi

    • Dear Gabi,
      I don’t think you can. I’ve just taken a look, but it seems as if you can only do this on the computer. Lots of greetings back. Christine


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