How Good Is Your English Grammar Continued?

Looking for a bit of fun?

Here are sentences I hear again and again. Would you like to try and correct them, and then send them to me? I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

1. We’ll make a pause before we get back to work.
2. Please remember me to send him an email.
3. We will see us on Friday at 2pm.
4. I will hand in the report until Wednesday.
5. My office is in the near of the town centre.

Good luck!


  1. Dear Christine! Thank you so much!!! I ll try: We’ll make a break…. Please remind me… We ‘ll see us Friday … I will hand over or deliver (?) …. My office is next to … all the best, Marlen

    • Dear Marlen, Great that you’ve posted your corrections here.
      Here are my comments:
      3. We will (or we’ll) meet on Friday (we don’t say “see us”!)
      4. hand in / hand over / deliver … by Wednesday (at the latest)
      5. … is near the town centre (“next to” means “neben”, which I feel is even closer to the town centre than “near”.
      Does that all make sense?
      All the best, Christine

  2. Hi Christine!
    My correction is:
    1. We‘ll have a break before we …
    2.Please remind me to send …
    3. We‘ll meet on Friday …
    4. I ‘ll hand in the report on Friday.
    5. My office is next to the …

    Have a nice day!

    • Hi Gabi, Great that you’ve posted your corrections here. There are only two little things I’d like to point out:
      4. There’s a difference if I have to hand in a report “on Friday” or “by Friday (at the latest)”.
      5. And there’s a difference if my office is “next to” or “near ” (but not “in the near of”) the town centre.
      Does that make sense?
      Enjoy your day, too!


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