How Often Do You Feel You’re Wasting Your Time on Social Media?

Do you ever feel like your posts go unnoticed, as if nobody’s even giving them a quick look?

I certainly do.

So, how can you stay positive despite this?

It’s easy to assume that nobody’s listening, watching or even bothering to click that “like” button.

But don’t let this quiet phase fool you!

There are plenty of silent spectators (also known as ‘lurkers’) out there.

Just because your posts aren’t getting a visible thumbs-up doesn’t mean they’re not making an impact.

The real magic happens when someone

  • joins your group or coaching sessions, telling you they’ve been silently following you for years, or
  • responds and shares how your post has made a difference or touched their life.

Keep going, keep shining—and don’t let that silence dull your sparkle!

As long as you’re enjoying the journey!


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