How To Make Your Day Better Than It Is Now

You want to improve how your day is going?

Josh Spector recommends the following:

1. Do one meaningful thing you can complete in a single day or even in an hour. You’ll feel happy when it’s done. And it’ll help to develop positive habits over time.

2. Do one thing you regret not doing yesterday. Learn from your mistakes you made yesterday. You’ll feel better once those negative feelings have been eliminated.

3. Do one thing to pleasantly surprise someone. You’ll feel good making other people feel good.

4. Do one thing you’ve avoided. Ask yourself: “Of the things I’ve been avoiding, which one am I going to do today?” You’ll feel proud and relieved that you’ve tackled something you might have been fearing.

5. Do one selfish thing. Doing one thing that makes you happy is a sign that you’re taking care of yourself.

Which one are you going to tackle first today?


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