I’m Still Confused by Dessen, Deren & Derer

Ever feel like you’ll never master a language? Even after years in Germany, I still get confused by “dessen,” “deren,” and “derer”! (Did I look it up again? Nope!)

Language learning is a crazy journey—full of bumps, wrong turns and funny mix-ups. I might mix up “der, die und das” like they’re my latest square dance moves. And you might struggle with tricky English tenses. Or those words that pretend to be helpful but really want to embarrass you. Yes, I’m talking about those sneaky false friends.

But I’m here to help with your English, not German (sorry!)

You know I share tips and tricks on social media and host free speed networking events. (Yes, free, and no catch. Okay, maybe I ask for a Google review.)

Some people say, “Why give away free advice online, Christine? Clients pay you for that!” Think of it like free samples in your local supermarket. You try the cheese, then maybe you buy the whole block, right? My free tips are a taste of what I can offer to help your English.

And I love sharing my passion for English. I’m always learning too. If just one person learns something new from my posts, I’m thrilled.

Got a question about confusing grammar? Drop it in the comments below. Or send me a smoke signal. Or a carrier pigeon. Whatever works for you.


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