Is ‘Denglish’ Ruining Your Business Image? Find Out How!

You might be speaking it without even knowing!

Denglish—that blend of English words that German speakers effortlessly weave into their language.

Yes, it’s fun and unique.

But can it be harming your professional image?

The Denglish Dilemma

Let’s face it—not all native English speakers are familiar with ‘Denglish’. 

Misunderstandings can occur. And your business image could be damaged.

Think ‘handy’ is what you carry with you all day long? Oops! It’s actually a ‘mobile’ or ‘cellphone’.

Convinced that ‘public viewing’ refers to a ‘public broadcast’? In reality, it’s the term for an ‘open-casket funeral’.

Confusing, right?

  • Is your ‘bodybag’ a fashion statement or a funeral item?
  • Does your ‘beamer’ help with your presentations or with your commute?

Beware of these and other ‘Denglish’ expressions. They might not mean what you think they mean!

Time to Detangle ‘Denglish’

Let’s bring clarity back to your business communication.

  • ‘Handy’ ➡️ ‘mobile’ or ‘cellphone’
  • ‘Public Viewing’ ➡️ ‘public broadcast’
  • ‘Bodybag’ ➡️ ‘crossbody bag’
  • ‘Beamer’ ➡️ ‘projector’

Now Your Turn!

Ever had a funny ‘Denglish’ mix-up? Or maybe a not-so-funny one that had your native English clients scratching their heads?

Why no share your ‘Denglish’ stories with me?


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