Like Shooting Photos?

Why not be creative and challenge yourself to strengthen your skills in photography?

Fix the Photo has 18 fun photo challenges for beginners.

Here are 10 of them:

  1. The Ugly Location Challenge: take pictures in unappealing locations and use creativity, composition and retouching skills to make them look great.
  2. Recreating Iconic Photos Challenge: reproduce iconic photos taken by famous photographers to learn and understand what makes a great photo.
  3. Cheap Props Challenge: purchase and use 5 different cheap props in a photo shoot to upgrade your creative photography skills.
  4. Single Colour Challenge: use one colour to create a stunning composition.
  5. Light Painting Challenge: use the light painting technique to create a picture using artificial lights, decreasing the shutter speed to 5 or 10 seconds, and moving the light sources in front of the camera to create various patterns.
  6. Timelapse Photography Challenge: create a timelapse video showcasing a few hours of your life in just a couple of minutes using free timelapse software or apps.
  7. Photo Essay Challenge: create a photo series that describes a story without words to learn about storytelling and changing camera perspectives.
  8. Self-Portrait Photography Challenge: take self-portraits to practice recognising good poses and expressing your emotions through photography.
  9. Night Photography Challenge: practice taking pictures at night using additional light sources and a night photography app.
  10. Black and White Photography Challenge: challenge yourself to think in tones and capture emotional aspects of a shot by taking black and white photos.

Which challenge do you like best?



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