Queuing or Standing in Line

I arrived in Germany on a Friday. And I started my very first ‘real’ job on the following Monday.

And although I was the first person at the bus stop early on the Monday morning, I was the last person on the bus.

So what happened?

I stood directly behind the bus stop, as I had always done at home. Nobody came to stand behind me. Some people stood near the bus stop, some further away. 

You can imagine how shocked I was when the bus stopped some metres away from me, and everyone just rushed into the bus to take their seats. 

I felt really bad. But we have a saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them”.

So it was a lesson learnt. 

But I still secretly wish that people here would learn how to queue properly. 

Perhaps they should all listen to William Hanson and Emmy Kenny on the BBC Breakfast Show! embarassed


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