Speak English Fluently With Simple Tenses

Forget about complicated English tenses! 

The best way to speak fluent English is to use simple tenses like Simple Present, Present Continuous, Simple Past, Present Perfect and Future.

Here’s how:

Simple Present: “I do”, “I work”, “I eat”
Present Continuous: “I’m doing”, “I’m working”, “I’m eating”
Simple Past: “I did”, “I worked”, “I ate”
Present Perfect: “I have done”, “I have worked”, “I have eaten”
Future: “I will do”, “I will work”, “I will eat”

Prove it to yourself:
From the beginning of this post to the end, I have only used these simple tenses. And I have been able to communicate everything I wanted to say clearly and concisely.

So don’t be afraid to simplify your English. Use simple tenses and you’ll get to speak English fluently in no time!

Here’s a tip:
When you’re starting out, focus on using the Simple Present tense for everything. Once you’re comfortable with the Simple Present, you can start to add other tenses.

Small steps lead to big progress! Don’t try to learn everything at once. Just focus on one tense at a time and you’ll learn more than you think you can in a shorter amount of time.


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