What Square Dancing Can Teach Us About Learning a Language

Guess what? Your English Conversation Coach is learning something new: square dancing!

Who knew fancy footwork and strange calls could be so tricky? It turns out learning 70 moves takes almost as long as mastering a new language!

But guess what? These two activities might seem different, but they have surprising things in common!

How are dancing and languages similar?

  • Building blocks: Picture it like building with Lego bricks! In dancing, you start with small steps. In languages, it’s small words. Then, you put them together to create cool dances or express yourself!
  • Practice makes progress: Remember practising piano as a child? Square dancing can be a bit amusing too! Just like playing scales helps you learn to play the piano, regular language practice helps you speak more smoothly.

  • Mistakes are friends: We all trip up, literally and figuratively! The good news? Mistakes help you learn in both dancing and languages. You laugh, you learn, you get better!

  • Friends make it fun: Dancing the waltz solo is no fun, right? Having supportive partners and a community is great in both dancing and languages. They help you keep going and celebrate your progress!

Remember, both challenges are about having fun, being okay with mistakes, and never giving up. 

Ready to waltz your English to the next level? 

When you’re ready, I’m here to guide you!


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