Why Do Migrants Have Smartphones?

Imagine you come across a group of migrants or refugees and notice that they all have smartphones.

Immediately, a question pops into your mind: “Why do they have these devices?”

It’s a question that often carries underlying biases and prejudices.

But here’s the thing: smartphones have actually become a lifeline for many migrants and refugees—an indispensable tool that helps them navigate through their challenging journeys.

Click here to watch a short video by the BBC that tackles this very question.

It takes us on an eye-opening journey, allowing us to experience the realities refugees face. It shines a light on why smartphones have become such a vital part of their lives.

We learn that smartphones are not just devices for social media or entertainment. They are lifelines connecting migrants and refugees to vital resources, information and loved ones left behind.

These phones help them navigate unfamiliar territories, access essential services and communicate with support networks.

This remarkable video is a powerful reminder that, as observers, we should question our initial assumptions and seek a deeper understanding.


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