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On the importance of being adaptable

When wedding rings are not worn

I learned something new today while reading¬†this article in Harper’s Bazaar. A lot of men from the upper classes in Britain do not wear wedding rings (Prince William and the Duke of Edinburgh, for example). It’s an old tradition. The only piece of jewellery that is worn is a signet ring. As etiquette expert WilliamContinue Reading

A little bit of fun

“I’ve got some good advice for you. When going for a job interview, tell the interviewers that you’re willing to give 110 per cent. Unless, of course, the job you’re applying for has something to do with statistics!” ūüôā

What kind of writer are you?

Do you write like an introvert or rather like an extrovert? Take this short quiz to find out.

English words of Indian origin

I’ve just learned in this telegraph.co.uk¬†article that a lot of¬†Hindi, Urdu and Persian words have made their way into the English language. Some of these words are quite common, like pyjamas, shampoo, avatar, bungalow, juggernaut, jungle, punch, yoga, curry, guru, chutney and veranda. These words “feel as British as fish and chips but have EasternContinue Reading

What type of communicator are you?

We all know how important it is to have good communication skills. It might be helpful to know what kind of communication style you have and what kind the person¬†you’re talking to has. According to this article (link to: mtdtraining.com), there are four main types of communication styles: analytical, intuitive, functional and personal. In short:Continue Reading

How to use inverted commas correctly

Inverted commas are also known as quotation marks, speech marks or just quotes. They can be single – ‘name’ or double – “name”. Read how to use them correctly here (link to: en.oxforddictionaries.com).

What about afternoon tea in London?

Some people have asked me in the past whether I recommend any places in London where one can have afternoon tea. People I know have been to The Ritz, to Claridges and to Fortnum and Mason. But the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park is new to me. According to this article in the Daily Mail, written byContinue Reading

How to make objects invisible

I remember reading the book “The Invisible Man” and dreaming of becoming invisible. It seems that a lot of other people have been dreaming the same. Perhaps you have,¬†too. Richard Wiseman (link to: YouTube) shows us how to make objects invisible. So perhaps our dreams will come true one day. ūüėČ