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We can all do this if we can’t remember words!

Why do hummingbirds hum? It’s because they can’t remember the words! 😉

How a family learned to unplug from technology once a week

In this video (link to: YouTube.com), Tiffany Shlain explains how living in today’s over-connected world has led her family to unplug for one full day every week. Her family calls them their “Technology Shabbats,” and they’ve been doing it every week for over three years. Their lives have changed completely! Could this video inspire you to do something similar?

Replacing offensive and inaccurate words

Instead of calling someone “homosexual”, grammarly.com recommends using the politically correct and more respectful terms “gay” or “lesbian”.

Six leadership styles. Which one are you?

We’ve spoken about leadership styles before and that there are many different models of leadership styles. Probably one of the best-known models is Daniel Goleman’s Six Leadership Styles (link to: skillsyouneed.com): Coercive (or Commanding) Pace-setting Authoritative Affiliative Democratic Coaching So what kind of leader are you? Take this quiz (link to: skillsyouneed.com) to find out.

Are you a grammar wizard?

Is it ‘there’, ‘they’re’ or ‘their’? Test your grasp of grammar with the Daily Post’s grammar quiz – 10 phrases with common grammatical mistakes. Watch out, though. Some of the answers might surprise you!

On what makes a good film

“A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it.” Alfred Hitchcock

Learn how not to order two drinks in the UK (tip: it’s about the V sign)

Do you know what it means if someone shrugs their shoulders in the UK? Or if they show you the ‘V’ sign? Or use the ‘choking’ gesture? Read this article (link to: usingenglish.com) before you travel to the UK!

Why vegan cheese tastes bad

Question: Why does vegan cheese taste bad? Answer: Well, that’s clear. It hasn’t been tested on mice.

Let’s see if you’re a music expert

Take this BBC quiz and see whether you can tell if music is composed by a woman or a man.

Are you a polite person?

If you hear someone say that someone is chronically (or punctually) challenged, they are trying to be polite and mean that that person is always late.