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A guide to China

Read Kwintessential’s guide to China to learn more about the country’s customs and culture and what to observe when doing business there.

Richard and the number trick

Richard Wiseman has another amazing trick for us today. It surprised me and I had to try it out straight away. So it might well surprise your colleagues, family or friends. Watch Richard’s very short and sweet video clip on YouTube.

How to stop overeating

Do you eat too much or know someone who does? In this video, Richard Wiseman gives us 10 amazing tips to help us stop overeating. I’m sure you know some of the tips. But some might be quite new to you.

Do you know what a “Laibchen” is?

How would you translate “bread rolls” into German? I thought everybody called them “Brötchen”, but I’ve just read on the Deutsche Welle website that other names are used, too – including “Schrippe”, “Wecken” und “Semmel”. Read the text to find out what people call that crusty dry end of a loaf of bread. And findContinue Reading

A new way to manage your to-do list?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably read a lot about how to best get things done. And you’re quite an expert at writing to-do lists. You’ve tried new ideas, but always seem to come back to your original way of doing things. Are you ready to test yet another idea? Take a look at thisContinue Reading

Fewer versus less

If you’re not sure when to use “fewer” and when to use “less”, you might like to read this article here. Weltchek Writes explains it nicely.

On appreciation

The fight for the armrests

I’ve often wondered who should get the armrests in planes. According to this article in The Sun, a former flight attendant explained that there’s an unspoken rule that the person in the middle seat gets both armrests. The reason is that the person in the aisle can move fairly freely. While the person in theContinue Reading

“You live in a single-storey house made “entirely of redwood”. What colour would the stairs be?”         Answer: What stairs? You live in a house with one storey!

If you have trouble falling asleep, read this!

Watch this short video to get Richard Wiseman‘s 10 amazing tips on how to improve your sleep. You might already know some of these tips. But did you know that you could drink a cup of coffee before taking your afternoon nap? Or that wearing socks in bed might be able to help you? WatchContinue Reading