Don’t Rush, Don’t Judge, Don’t Plan Your Response

Very few people are good listeners. A good listener listens slowly to what is being said. He does not jump ahead nor does he rush to judge nor does he sit there formulating his own reply. He focuses directly on what is being said. He listens to more than is being said …
Edward de Bono

Ever felt like you’re nodding along in a conversation, yet your thoughts are already miles ahead?

We’ve all been there! Few are outstanding listeners.

A good listener resists the urge to jump ahead, judge or formulate their reply.

They’re tuned into every word, extracting more meaning than meets the ear.

In this post, I’m here to nudge you—next time you’re in a conversation:

👂 Be curious, soak in every word.
🤐 Hold back the urge to respond hastily.
🤝 Show presence, even when you differ.

Active listening takes practice, but it’s worth it.

Let’s fine-tune our listening skills and open up the door to true understanding.

P.S. Writing this reminded me too! Let’s work together to become better listeners!



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