“Oh My Goodness!” to “Seriously?!”

How do you express your surprise in English?

Want to have more ideas? Look here:

  • Wow!: A simple and common exclamation to show surprise. Wow, I didn’t expect that!
  • Oh my goodness!/Oh my God!/Oh gosh!: Expressing astonishment or disbelief. Oh my goodness, really?
  • No way!: Denoting disbelief or astonishment. No way, that’s incredible!
  • Are you serious?: Seeking confirmation due to surprise. You won the lottery? Are you serious?
  • I can’t believe it!/I don’t believe it!: Expressing disbelief or astonishment. I can’t believe you’re here!
  • You’re kidding!/You must be kidding!: Expressing surprise and seeking confirmation. You got the job? You must be kidding!
  • Good gracious!/Good grief!/Good heavens!: Expressing surprise, often in a more formal or exaggerated manner. Good grief, that’s astonishing!
  • Well, I’ll be (damned/darned)!: Expressing surprise or disbelief. Well, I’ll be darned, he actually showed up!
  • Seriously?: Seeking confirmation or expressing disbelief. Seriously? That’s amazing!
  • What?!: A direct and strong expression of surprise. What?! You’re moving to another country?
  • You’re joking!: Expressing disbelief and seeking confirmation. You passed the test? You’re joking!
  • Incredible!/Unbelievable!: Expressing awe or astonishment. Incredible, you did it!

Remember, how you say it and the look on your face are important to show surprise well. Change your voice to fit how surprised you are.


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