Knowing Where to Tap

The heating in a gigantic mansion had failed. The owner had hired one expert after another, but no one was able to figure out what was wrong.

Then they found an old man who had been tinkering with heating systems since he was a child.

He arrived with a large toolbox, rolled up his sleeves, and got to work straightaway.

The old man examined the heating for several minutes. Suddenly, he took a small hammer out of his toolbox and gently tapped a specific spot. Before you could say, “Bob’s your uncle,” the heating started to work again.

A week later, the owner received an invoice for €10,000.

The owner was shocked: “What? That can’t be right. All he did was to hit the heating a few times with his hammer.”

So he wrote to the old man asking him for a breakdown of the costs.

The old man then sent the following invoice:

Tapping with the hammer         €5
Knowing where to tap         €9,995.00

The Moral

Prices do not reflect the work done, but the benefit to the customer.

And a little reminder

Things you learn and things you’ve been through are worth more than anything you can buy.


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