Watch Your Words

Ever thought about the term “public viewing“? Well, it’s not as harmless as it sounds. 🤨 It’s normally connected with, well, funerals…

Seriously, it’s when the dead body is on display in an open coffin.

Got a private or public viewing? That’s decided by who’s invited. Family-only or anyone can stop by to bid farewell.

Now, imagine you’re all excited for a live sports event. You tell your friends and colleagues, “Hey, let’s go for a public viewing!

You might get some odd looks, right?

So, with the European Championship now underway, if you’re off to watch a football match, not a funeral, “public screening is the word you’re after.

You get the difference, right? We don’t want any awkward misunderstandings. 😉

Remember, the words we choose matter. It’s all in the details. Catch the right word, and you’re good to go. Slip up, and, well, you might end up somewhere you didn’t expect!

Thought I’d drop this titbit.

Because, why not?

It’s always good to learn something new.

So, I’ll see you at the next public screening, not viewing. 😀


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