Want to Take The Difficult Person Test?

Personality quizzes have been popular for years. Have you heard of The Difficult Person Test that went viral earlier this year?

Chelsea Sleep and her colleagues at the University of Georgia believe they can scientifically quantify the seven elements that constitute a difficult person:

  1. Callousness – Abgebrühtheit
  2. Grandiosity – Großspurigkeit
  3. Aggressiveness – Aggressivität
  4. Suspicion – Verdacht, Verdächtigung
  5. Manipulativeness – Manipulierbarkeit
  6. Dominance – Dominanz
  7. Risk-taking – Risikobereitschaft

Are you curious about yourself? Are you self-aware enough to recognize your flaws (Mängel, Schwachstellen, Fehler)? Then do the test and find out if you’re easy or difficult to get on with.

(You can always use Deepl if you need to translate some words quickly.)

So how did it go?


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