A New Way To Tackle Your To-Do List?

If you have an ever-growing to-do list and are not satisfied with your system, you might like to try out Robyn Scott’s great idea. It’ll change how you think about managing your list.

Robyn suggests we make our tasks emotional by creating a few categories that answer the question, „How will doing or completing this task make me feel?“

Some of Robyn’s Category Examples
  • Supremely* satisfying — for researching, making a tricky phone call
  • Massive relief* — for booking flights
  • Highly helpful — for making introductions, giving advice
  • Basic decency* — writing thank you notes
  • Delight — calling a friend

Could this be a system you’d like to experiment with?


* äußerst, höchst
* enorme Erleichterung
* Anstand


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