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Ever feel like something’s missing in your English? Like you’ve studied hard but still can’t speak fluently? Here’s the thing: It’s not just about more vocabulary or grammar. It’s about practice.

Let me tell you about Sarah, a client of mine.

Sarah runs her own business, but her English is holding her back. She has a huge presentation coming up at the beginning of next year and needs to confidently present her ideas to a room full of international experts. (She’s got other things in the pipeline, but we won’t talk about those now.)

Sarah knows she needs a sustainable plan to improve her spoken English. She’s created a strategy that can fit seamlessly into her busy life:

Weekly 1:1 Coaching: We meet once a week for personalised coaching sessions, focusing on conversation skills and presentation preparation, peppered with just the right amount of grammar to keep Sarah’s language sharp and polished.

Spicy Learning: Sarah will be joining my „Chilipepper“ group, where she can practise English with other business professionals in a fun and dynamic environment once a week. I’ve also suggested she find a conversation buddy in the group for additional practice.

Vocab In-Between: Sarah has downloaded an app called Repetico to help her learn new vocabulary during any short breaks.

Babbel in the Breaks: She has also started to use the Babbel app to learn English at her own pace.

Podcast Power: During her weekly long-distance drive to a client, Sarah listens to podcasts on business topics that interest her and discusses the topics out loud to herself in English. (A technique I love.)

This isn’t about cramming endless grammar rules. It’s about consistent, practical exposure to the language. 

Sarah knows she needs to practise regularly to improve. Continuous training is her secret weapon. She understands the path can be tough, but she also knows that every master was once a beginner. By sticking with her program, Sarah will succeed.

What’s your top tip for improving your English? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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