Boxing Day Customs

Today is Boxing Day (and not the 2nd day of Christmas as we call it here in Germany!). But it doesn’t mean that families are fighting! 

In the past, employees gave their servants the day off and presents—known as “Christmas boxes”. These were gifts of money or goods as a thank-you for good service throughout the year. And tradesmen even went from door to door to collect their “Christmas boxes”.

For many, it’s a day for sporting events. They’ve taken place on Boxing Day for centuries. For others, it’s a day for shopping, because the winter sales start. And for others, it’s a day to eat the leftovers, binge-watch Christmas films and continue the festivities.

For us, it’s another day for being with the whole family. We’ll cook. We’ll play games. We’ll go for a walk. And generally enjoy being together.

I wonder what you will be doing?


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